I am one of those women who are said to be here by choice.

Entire piece written by Chelsea Geddes

Hey you “If a woman CHOOSES to do sex work then she is empowered by sex work and you’re just a SWERF bigot” crowd! Yes you! Hi. Listen to me.

I am one of those women who are said to be here by choice. No one person groomed me into this choice, granted I was underage when I was first faced with this choice but it was still my own “choice” as you define the word. And I still “choose” this everytime I get up and go into the brothel for money (which is everytime I have rent/bills or need food or other necessities i.e. All the time).

At first I thought the sex industry was a brilliant idea, it was something I could do without any qualifications or experience, without a home or even any ID. And it promised to provide for my needs and more. The adverts in the papers for strip clubs and brothels I would eventually graduate to when I turned 18 all boasted that it was EASY, that there was lots of MONEY, and that the men were FRIENDLY. I thought I could use it to pay my way to an even better choice later on, after uni and all that jazz. And for a little while, when I was young (and before the financial recession) I had plenty of money for clothes and drugs and being fabulous.(Which somehow seemed important at the time). I could always give money to friends whenever they struggled, and make things ‘my shout’ just because it felt good to be able to offer it.

I thought that I could make my abusive and difficult past (at home with my parents) just that, a thing of the past I never had to think about ever again. I was going to be a free, ‘independent woman’ (cue Beyonce singing).

That element of choice didn’t make the experiences I have had over the years in the industry and with johns any different to the experiences that someone trafficked or tricked into the industry by a Romeo would have had with those same johns.

The vast, vast majority of johns are total assholes (Im not overreacting, I didnt become a feminist because I “just hate (poor, innocent) men”. I was once the biggest fucking cheerleader of them all, because I was starved of love. So don’t be daft, keep listening.

Johns don’t give a fuck if you are over 18 or not in fact many prefer if you’re not. They don’t give a fuck if you were trafficked or if you were tricked or groomed into the industry or if it was your own idea or whether you put on an optimistic/positive pair of rose-tinted glasses. They treat us all the same. Like we are nothing. Like they own us. Like we exist to serve them and like we exist as receptacles for their bodies and their perversions. Like we exist as punching bags, a safe target for them to take all their aggressions and problems out on… because we are nothing. Because we can’t do nothing. And because often no one else gives a shit about us either.

They can even murder us thinking no one will miss us and that they are doing the world good by ridding it of us. Many serial killers who were Johns and targeted prostituted women have also publicly expressed this sentiment in courtrooms and from their prison cells. I really don’t think any of those killers checked first to see if their victims were there by choice or not. “Oh you choose to be here, so I’m going to be nice to you” said no John ever.

Sadly the wider society echos the johns perspective. Prostitutes are the highest rate of homicide victims of all other industries and of all other women, and our murders get the littlest attention from media. Our society thinks Johns are just “good guys” who have a right to buy and use women, Amnesty international even tried to propose the buying of others for sexual use as a human right, overriding the existing international human right not to be prostituted. The rights to freedom of expression, security of person, the right to fair and equal treatment and conditions in the work place, the right to live free from torture and the right to not endure unwanted sex/rape are all denied to the prostituted.

“Choice” in this context, makes very little difference.

Wanting to criminalize johns BUT NOT the prostituted is not about hating or excluding sex workers. Criminalizing johns is about johns. It’s about how impossible it is to prosecute johns for anything they do especially when johning itself is legal and legitimized.

If you want to talk about decriminalizing prostitutes and supporting women’s choices, then you are preaching to the choir and just won’t shut up and listen long enough to realise it! Because you’ve labelled us SWERFs and used that slur to slander and silence us. The only difference there is we also want to create more and better options for women and for the prostituted so that we can actually HAVE choices when we don’t, and so that we have more to choose FROM when our choices are limited.

I’m for offering supports and services to the prostituted so we can access pathways into careers that are more rewarding than prostitution not just financially but in all ways, that don’t demand we surrender our rights to our own bodies and sexuality in return. Those careers are the primary source of income for the men who fund pornography, strip clubs and prostitution. That’s where my hooker money comes from before it leaves the johns hands to the pockets of pimps and I don’t ever remember saying I choose to not be included in production. I don’t ever remember saying I’d rather get the scraps handed down from the people who are if I do what they tell me to do. Yet all we’re producing in the sex industry is male orgasms on the backs of human misery (and again it’s men who get all the money involved in this non-industry as pimps, brothel operators, strip club owners and pornographers). I’m really struggling to see where the empowerment for women is here in this so-called work that is more like slavery.

The work world that we are excluded from needs to be opened up and within that world women need to be equally valued and earn equal pay for equal work to the men in it. That’s real feminism, and that will be real empowerment- not crawling naked on all fours smiling through abuse for men’s scrap play money.

That’s uncomfortable for some women to hear but that’s the honest truth of the situation and choosing that situation doesn’t change that situation from what it is into something else. And the shame or ‘stigma’ you intuit from this position does not belong with the prostituted. You are right to be angry at the long standing tradition of projection which places that additional burden on prostituted women. But it does belong squarely on the johns and pimps who exploit them, and on the society that doesn’t give women the same array of options as men to begin with, the society that makes a woman’s choice unequal to a man’s choice.

And the fact that a woman’s choice is unequal to a man’s choice in this society is why prostitutes are mostly women and girls, and why johns are nearly always men, and why pimps put their money behind the ‘feminist’ “It’s a woman’s choice” line in media and advertising, and it’s why we still need feminism at all.

Why Martina wont be silenced in the trans debate

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A week on from Wimbledon, former Centre Court star Martina Navratilova talks to Decca Aitkenhead about her battle for female equality in sport.
Martina Navratilova was so puzzled when people started calling her a “Terf”, she had to google the acronym to find out what it meant. The former tennis No 1 and veteran LGBT campaigner had seen a tweet, arguing that anyone who self-identified as a woman should be allowed to compete in women’s sport. Navratilova didn’t consider herself an expert in transgender politics but didn’t think her gut reaction would be contentious. “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard,” she tweeted back.
“And then I just got a deluge. ‘You’re so hateful and you’re so ignorant and you’re a transphobe and you’re a Terf.’ I’m like, what the f*** is that?”
A trans-exclusionary radical feminist is the go-to insult hurled at pretty much anyone online who dissents from trans activists’ political orthodoxy. Navratilova was stunned: “I was attacked by my people.” She was equally alarmed to find herself supported “by the other side. I don’t want to take sides, but the right-wing people were saying, ‘You’re right, this should never be allowed.’ And that’s not what I was saying either.” She apologised for causing offence, deleted the tweet, and “I was like, maybe I know nothing about what I am talking about. So I said, ‘Let me educate myself and get back to you.'”

That was back in December. When we meet, she arrives with the purposeful haste of someone who lives out of a suitcase, then leaves for the airport straight after the interview. Now 62, she lives in Florida with her wife and two stepdaughters, commentates on tennis all over the world and is an active campaigner for LGBT rights — but for the first two weeks of July, a commentary box in southwest London is the only place she wants to be. “Wimbledon is the one. Life in the UK stops during Wimbledon. You know, the mother is not cooking for the kids — ‘You’re on your own because I want to watch.’ The whole country watches. So that’s the tournament everybody wants to win. If there’s one trophy they want to have, it is this one.”

If she could go back and play in one Wimbledon from the past, which would it be? “2012. So I could also play the Olympics, back to back, on grass. Yes, please! Yeah, 2012 would have been great, with Andy [Murray] and Roger [Federer] and Serena [Williams]. Serena in her prime and me in my prime — that would be fun.” Who would win? “I think it would be a toss-up. It depends on the surface, it depends on the day. But, you know, I would like my chances and she would like hers. And it would be a great match — or matches. I would love to have played her 20 times,” she grins. “That would be fun.”
For many professional sportspeople, whatever they do after retirement always feels like second best, but not for Navratilova. “No, it’s just different. If I could still play tennis professionally and compete and win, I would, but I am happy that I don’t. For me, life feels like a vacation after tennis. Because you don’t have to worry about ‘I can’t have this’.” She nods to the creamy dessert she’s happily eating.
I’m curious to know how she found the transition to commentating, but she looks surprised and laughs when I ask if she taught herself by practising in front of the telly. “No, you just commentate on what you see. I know I’ve gotten better as I understand not just when to say but when not to say something. I’d rather speak as little as possible and say stuff that people can’t google. I don’t want to tell them statistics or who beat who so many times, I want to tell them not what is happening, but why it’s happening. I try to stay out of the way and tell people something they didn’t think about.”

Last year, Navratilova was staggered to learn that the BBC was paying fellow commentator John McEnroe “at least 10 times” more than her. The revelation emerged when the corporation was forced to publish its stars’ salaries. “We were told one thing, then the facts came out and they were something else.” Has the pay gap been corrected? “Once it was out in the open, they fixed it. I get paid [the same] per outing, or whatever you want to call it. It’s on a level playing field.”
Having lambasted communism, championed equal prize money for female players and campaigned for gay rights, Navratilova must feel she has consistently been on the right side of history. But the charge often levelled against anyone who queries self-identified trans people’s entitlement to all the rights of their nominated gender is that they’re on the “wrong side of history”, which must be an uncomfortable place for Navratilova to find herself. She has a brisk, warm energy and a playful smile — so when she tells me she doesn’t even have time to work out these days, I wonder why she made time for an issue virtually guaranteed to land her back in hot water again.
“My wife says, ‘Why did you stick your nose in it?’ ” she smiles. “It doesn’t affect me personally at all, I am not competing, I’ve got no dog in that fight. But I can’t help myself. For me, my life has always been about fairness. And when I see something unfair, I speak up.”
Navratilova explored issues faced by trans athletes in a primetime BBC1 documentary The Trans Women Athlete Dispute, where the nine-times Wimbledon champion talked to people on all sides of the debate. I ask what she learned from making the film. “Number one, I learned how long it can take to transition — and my empathy has grown sky-high. I knew it was hard, but you see the pain and the emotional roller coaster that transgender men and women go through, and your heart goes out. Nobody chooses that. Just as I didn’t choose to be gay, they don’t choose to be transgender. I totally understand that.” She pauses.
“This isn’t about being for or against trans. We want to include. But if you include everyone, someone is pushed out. Women have fought so hard to compete in sport. There are still countries where women cannot compete in anything. And now we have it, we’re getting pushed out in a way where we feel it’s not fair.”
For Navratilova, the debate broadly divides into two categories: self-identified trans sportswomen, and those who have undergone medical transition. “For me, self-ID is a non-starter. Yes, you can participate. But you cannot compete at the top level as a female because you feel [you’re] a female. I respect that [feeling], I honour that, 100 per cent. But you still have a male body that hasn’t been touched at all.” The more complicated question for Navratilova is the second category.
An American player, Renee Richards, underwent reassignment surgery to compete as a woman in 1977. She became the poster girl for trans sportswomen, and — following retirement — Navratilova’s coach and good friend. Later in life, though, Richards reflected that had she transitioned in her early 20s, not her 40s, “no woman in the world would have been able to come close to me. And so I’ve reconsidered my opinion.” When I quote her, Navratilova nods.
“That’s exactly right. Which is my point. You don’t want women and girls coming into a race and saying, ‘I’m racing for second because this woman was a man, she’s 13-18cm taller, weighs 21kg more and is so much faster — I have no chance, no matter what you do with the drugs.’ ” Doesn’t any competitive advantage trans women may enjoy get eliminated by the compulsory reduction of testosterone levels? Navratilova smiles. “That’s the million-dollar question.”

Different sporting bodies impose different maximum levels, but even one of the lowest — that of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) — “is still five times higher than I have right now”, she says. One interviewee on the documentary argued that trans sportswomen who comply enjoy no more than a 5 per cent advantage. “It doesn’t seem that much,” Navratilova acknowledges, “but it’s everything. Let’s say you play football, and you need to run 10m to the ball. Five per cent is half a metre. You’re going to get there first. They say, ‘But you can make up for that in skill.’ No, you cannot teach speed and you get there first. I don’t care how skilful I am, if that other player gets there first they have the ball and I’m screwed.”
Don’t all sportspeople have to contend with the genetic advantages of their rivals? “I can deal with the height. I play against taller women, I’m intimidated but, you know, I have skill and I can hang with that. And if they get in the gym and they’re stronger, then okay. But men can do 10 pull-ups easily. When I was in unbelievable shape, I did 10 pull-ups. But no matter what, I couldn’t bench-press 110kg. I know a transgender woman who is in her 40s and she doesn’t train, and she’s fully transitioned in every way, and she can still bench-press 110kg.”
I ask what she makes of the argument that men’s physical advantage is not biological but merely cultural. “That’s what’s been suggested: that if women had been competing for 100 years like men, they would be at the same level as men. No,” she scoffs impatiently. “It’s not physically possible. So that is not an argument — just a silly thing to say.”
The certainty ebbs when I ask for her solution. The creation of a third gender category for trans athletes is sometimes proposed, but she looks unconvinced. “It depends on how many people there are. I mean, you don’t want to compete against yourself. ‘I am the world champion — but no one else was there?'” She shakes her head. “Look, we’re trying to find as equitable a solution as possible, but whatever solution there is, someone will be unhappy.”
To complicate matters further, the IAAF recently ruled that the South African runner Caster Semenya cannot race more than 400m unless she takes medication to reduce her testosterone levels. Semenya was born a woman, with a condition called hyperandrogenism, which produces naturally elevated levels of testosterone.
An editorial in the British Medical Journal described the ruling as “unscientific”, citing lack of evidence about testosterone’s effects and calling the cut-off figure arbitrary. Navratilova condemned the ruling as unfair because Semenya was “born that way”. Wouldn’t trans sportswomen argue they were just “born that way” as men?
“But they have to do stuff [to become women]. Caster was born that way. Transgenderism is different from hyperandrogenism, so whatever decision they make can’t be the decision you then apply to transgender athletes, because they’re different categories. Caster’s an anomaly, she’s an exception. Whereas potentially, any man…” Could self-identify as a woman? “Of course that’s not going to happen, but the potential is there. Whatever the percentage [of women with unusually high testosterone levels] in the general population is, that’s not going to change. Whereas with transgenderism, the population has changed quite a bit, hasn’t it?”

NHS England reports that referrals to gender dysphoria services increased 240 per cent in the five years to 2018 — with 3 per cent of the population (or nearly 2 million people) projected to make contact with transgender health services at some point in the future.

Navratilova has that uncompromising clarity of mind and unshakable self-assurance common to elite athletes. But when I ask how she explains the recent dramatic growth of the transgender population, she sounds uncharacteristically reticent. “Well, that I don’t know. You’d need to ask a sociologist.” Anyone who has dipped a toe in the online debate on transgender rights can guess how bruising six months of immersion must be. I don’t think it’s trans activists’ ferocity that makes her pick her words with care, though, but her own conflicted loyalties to irreconcilable values.
Navratilova was born in what was communist Czechoslovakia and grew up in a society so relentlessly monocultural that she was barely aware of homosexuality’s existence until her first sexual experience. She was 18, it was with a girl, and “I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s what it is.’ I think if I was a child today, I would know earlier that I was gay because it’s more in the open.” As she had been a “total tomboy”, refusing to wear skirts or grow her hair long, if she were 10 years old today, might she instead have wondered if she were a boy?
“If I was 10 now, I think other people would be saying, ‘Wow, maybe you were born a boy. You just have a girl’s body.’ And I know I wouldn’t have gone in that direction. I’m very headstrong and I know what I want, who I am. But if I didn’t, I would maybe have been considering it, and I think what’s happening now is people transition, then they want to detransition. And now they have had their breasts removed. Now they have reconstructive surgery. It’s just insane. People are pulling the trigger, so to speak, too soon. I would like people to slow down. The brain isn’t fully formed until 20 years old or something. We change. You just don’t want to make an irreversible mistake.” There are no definitive figures on the number of people detransitioning.
In the next breath, she points out: “Some kids know when they are 7, 8 years old. And more power to people that know and stick with it. They go for it. And they were right. So you cannot judge that or relate to it because everybody’s experience is different. However you ID yourself, however you want me to address you, whichever way — it’s absolutely fine. But that’s a separate issue from competing at an elite level.”

After she wrote about her concerns regarding trans sportswomen in The Sunday Times in February, an organisation called Athlete Ally, which supports LGBT sportspeople, promptly denounced her as “transphobic” and removed her from their advisory board. Is she braced for another onslaught from the trans community after the documentary goes out?

“I could go completely down the trans route: let’s have an open field, everybody can compete — then women will be upset with me. And if I go completely the other way, transgender are going to be upset with me. So I’m going to upset somebody, no matter what I say. For me, this has been about fairness for women and girls. That’s who I am and, by the way, I left a communist country because I couldn’t say what I wanted to say without repercussions. Now, if people attack me, it is what it is.”
Navratilova is used to being attacked. Nowadays she enjoys almost the status of international treasure, but for much of her life, she felt more loathed than loved. When she defected to the West at 18, American fans didn’t immediately warm to her unladylike frame or aggressive style on court, and cast her as the Soviet Beast rivalling their all-American Beauty Chris Evert. When she came out as gay in 1981, sponsors cancelled endorsements and crowds booed her on court. These days, she is celebrated for LGBT activism and is legally married to her long-term partner, a businesswoman and former Miss USSR — but right-wing homophobes are winning votes all the way from her adopted country to Eastern Europe, and just days before we meet two young lesbians were assaulted on a London bus. Does she worry about the arc of progress wobbling?
“I think, all in all, we’re going in the right direction, but there are certain setbacks — including people thinking they can beat up somebody because of their sexuality. It’s insane to me how people think that somehow it’s their business. I mean, how does it affect you whether my partner has a penis or not? So we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.” Would a tennis player who came out today lose commercial endorsements? She laughs. “Not at all. No, I think if anything there may be bigger deals.”
The sport is still a long way from perfect, though. For a start, she points out, television coverage still favours the men’s game. Isn’t it fair to give them more airtime if they’re on court for longer? “I think men should play two out of three sets. Who wants to sit there for five hours? Once in a while, there’s a really good match, but I think it’s too much of a good thing — you have the best cake in the world, but do you want to eat the whole thing? Maybe the way to go would be, everybody plays two out of three until the quarters, then everyone — women and men — play three out of five in the quarters, semifinals, finals.”
After a lifetime campaigning for equality, how does Navratilova feel about being accused of finding herself on the wrong side of history when it comes to trans sportswomen?
“Most people are telling me I’m on the right side. But I was never worried about that. I was ahead of the curve on most things and we’ll see how the future will pan out. I don’t know which way it’s going to go. But I do know that if we do self-ID as the only determining factor, that’s the end of women’s sports as we know it. Maybe not now, maybe not 15 years from now. But 50 years from now, yes.”

Press Release: Gender Ideology Spells End of Parental Rights in BC. Totalitarianism has Arrived.

Press Release: Gender Ideology Spells End of Parental Rights in BC. Totalitarianism has Arrived.

— Read on transanityca.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/press-release-gender-ideology-spells-end-of-parental-rights-in-bc-totalitarianism-has-arrived/

Predatory TIM attempts to cover his tracks

It is important that everyone who has access to a smartphone sees what is happening here. This is across social media platforms that this predator is being SUPPORTED by TRAs.

Add this to the list of attacks on women and girls. This is horrifying and will not stop until Gender Identity reform is stopped.

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Jonathan Yaniv is a trans-identified male involved in the tech industry and has been on a litigious campaign against women in BC. He currently has sixteen open lawsuits against women for refusing to wax his testicles on the basis of “gender discrimination”. On December 10, Yaniv told Langley Township Council he was personally responsible for the suspension of prominent Canadian feminist blogger Meghan Murphy from Twitter, as well as being responsible for new policy changes on Twitter and WordPress, which have banned women on the basis of “misgendering” (correctly identifying sex). Yaniv has been accused of reaching out to young girls on social media to give them his phone number. One girl complained to an adult that he made comments of a sexual nature to her, such as asking her to be his girlfriend, which caused her to feel uncomfortable.

Women have accused Twitter and WordPress of censoring women to protect a misogynist and pedophilic man in the name of “gender equality”. Feminists must drop the term “gender equality” as it easily leads to the defense of abusive men and can be used to uphold their “right” to abuse. The notion of gender is not oppressed; the female sex class is oppressed by the male sex class, and men like Yaniv are taking advantage of laws which protect “gender” in the way which they were intended: to prioritize men’s feelings over women’s reality.



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We are power

The following are excerpts from John Trudell’s made in 1980.

“I’d like to thank all of you for coming here tonight and sharing this evening with us. And tonight I’d like to talk in honor of the water and the earth and our brother Leonard Peltier.

We’re faced with a very serious situation in this generation. There are insane people who wish to rule the world. They wish to continue to rule the world on violence and repression, and we are all the victims of that violence and repression.

We as the indigenous people of the western hemisphere have been resisting this oppression for 500 years. We know that the black people have been resisting it for at least that long. And we know that the white people have had to endure it thousands of years. And now it’s come full swing to this generation that we live in..

You see, this cannot be. We cannot allow this to go on. We cannot do it. We cannot expect that the pro-nuclear oppressor, that other side, we cannot expect that they’re going to change for us.

They are going to become more brutal. They are going to become more repressive because it’s a matter of dollars and their illusionary concepts of power.

We have to re-establish our identity. We have to understand who we are and where we fit in the natural order of the world, because our oppressor deals in illusions.

They tell us that it is power, but it is not power. They may have all the guns, and they may have all the racist laws and judges, and they may control all the money, but that is not power.

These are only imitations of power, and they are only power because in our minds we allow it to be power. But it’s all an imitation.

Racism and violence, racism and guns, economics- the brutality of the American Corporate State way of life is nothing more than violence and oppression and it doesn’t have anything to do with power.

It is brutality. It’s a lack of a sane balance. The people who have created this system, and who perpetuate this system, they are out of balance.

They have made us out of balance. They have come into our minds and they have come into our hearts and they’ve programmed us.

Because we live in this society, and it has put us out of balance. And because we are out of balance we no longer have the power to deal with them. They have conquered us as a natural power.

See, we are power. They deal in violence and repression, we are power. We are a part of the natural world.

All of the things in the natural world are a natural part of the creation and feed off the energy of our sacred mother, Earth.

We are power. But they have separated us from our spiritual connection to the Earth, so people feel powerless.

We look at the oppressor and we look at the enemy because they have the most guns and the most lies and the most money. People start to feel powerless.

We are power, we are a natural part of the creation, we were put here on the sacred mother Earth to serve a purpose. And somewhere in the history of people we’re forgetting what the purpose is.

The purpose is to honor the earth, the purpose is to protect the earth, the purpose is to live in balance with the earth. The earth is our mother.

And we will never free ourselves as human people, we will never free ourselves as sexual people, we will never free ourselves until we address the issue of how we live in balance with the earth.

Because all our resistance and all of our struggle is hollow, it’s false, it’s another one of the oppressor’s hypocrisies. If we do not look out for the welfare of the Earth first, because I don’t care who it is, any child who turns on their mother is living in a terrible, terrible confusion.

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of the Earth.

They pollute- this oppressor, this machine that has gone mad and run amok, it is beserk. They keep telling us, “progress.” They keep telling us “face reality.”

Well, let’s deal with reality. Reality is the Earth can no longer take this attack. We can no longer allow this thing to continue when it’s polluting the air, it’s polluting the water, polluting our food.

They pollute the air, they pollute the water, they pollute our food, they pollute our minds. They put us out of balance.

They have made us be insecure with ourselves. They have put us into a situation where we have to play many roles.

You know, we gotta be chauvinist, or we’ve got to be on some kind of a class trip, or some kind of illusionary power trip.

We’ve gotta play a role, see? We’ve gotta play a role to communicate with other people. We’ve got to go through this charade because they have attacked our self confidence.

They have attacked our self confidence and they have made us to listen to *them.* They have made us to believe that they are power. But they are not- they are violent and they are brutal, but they are not power.

We are a natural part of the earth. As a natural part of the Earth, we have the energy and the power that IS the Earth. The Earth will take care of us if we will remember the Earth- in more than just our words.

If we will remember the Earth in our way of life; we are all here to play a role. And all of the animals, and all of the life on the earth is playing it’s proper role except the human people.

Somehow we are betraying, we are betraying our purpose here and that is why we live in the confusion that we live in. They tell us, they want us to believe, that we are powerless.

We are a natural part of the earth, we are an extension of that natural energy. The natural energy which is Spirit, and which is power.


A blizzard is power. An earthquake is power. A tornado is power. These are all things of power that no oppressor, no machine age, can put these things of power in a prison.

No machine age can make these things of power submit… That is natural power.

And just as it takes millions and billions of elements to make a blizzard to happen, or to make the earthquake, to make the earth to move, then it’s going to take millions and billions of us.

We are power. We have that power. We have the potential for that power.

I remember in the 60s and 70s I heard all these things about “power to the people” and I never really understood because everyone was saying “power to the people” when they were talking about demonstrating, they were talking about votes, they were talking about dealing on the terms of the oppressor.

Our power will come back to us, our sense of balance will come back to us, when we go back to the natural way of protecting and honoring the earth.

If we have forgotten how to do it, or we think that it looks overwhelming, or think that we can never accomplish it, all we have to do, each one of us, an individual, is to go and find one spot on the Earth that we can relate to.

Feel that energy, feel that power. That’s where our safety will come.

The Earth will take care of us. We have to understand that the American Corporate State will not take care of us.

They do not care about us. Maximize their profit, that is where their whole life’s balance is placed upon- maximizing the profit. They will turn us against each other to maximize the profit, because they have done it in the past…

Our obligations and our loyalty have to be to the Earth, and they have to be to our sense of community and to our people and our relations.

Our obligations and loyalty should not be to a government that will not take care of our needs.

Our obligations and loyalty should not be to a government that has proven time and time again that it is the enemy of the people unless the people are rich in dollars.

That has been the consistent history of Western civilization and the American Corporate State Government- that’s reality. They are not our friends, they do not care about us. We have to face the reality that we have an enemy…

We have to come to a time in our lifetime- and it will come in our lifetime- where we are going to have to deal with the fact that the enemy has taken over your government.

The government is not your ally. The government will use you, chew you up and spit you out.

You think that we are wrong? You think that we are talking unrealistically? Then go look at your elders and see what has happened to your elders in your machine age society.

See what kind of respect that they get. See what kind of a voice they are allowed into your society, what kind of input they have.

See what their final reward of happiness is after working for this slave state for 30 or 40 years and allowing someone to exploit their labors.

What is racism? Racism is an act of war. What is sexism? Sexism is an act of war. It’s a war against our human dignity and our rights to self respect.

This is the war that they wage there. War! They are war-like. And we have to understand that the American Corporate State got to where it’s at through the act of war..

For 500 years my people have resisted. For 500 years we will resist again if it becomes necessary.

We want to be able to relate and communicate with all of the people who are living on this land, but we want to be able to relate and communicate from a position of truth.

You all gotta face the truth. We have had to face it through 500 years of genocide, we have had to face the truth, we have had to live the truth. We have had to die the truth.

Before we’re gonna ever see our evolutionary liberation, the people that call themselves Americans are gonna have to face the truth also.

They tell us to “be realistic,” that “progress” means that all these things have to happen. They tell us that we can’t go back to the old way.

They tell us “be realistic.” But there is no old way, no new way, there is a way of life. We must live in balance with the earth. We MUST do it. We have no choice.

If we allow ourselves to be apathetic, or we allow ourselves to be lied to, or tolerate their lies about what they’re doing to the earth, then we are betraying our intention.

We are betraying our purpose here. We cannot protect that 7th generation if we do not protect the earth. We cannot protect ourselves if we do not protect the earth.

The Earth gives us life, not the American government. The earth gives us life, not the multi-national corporate government.

The Earth gives us life, we need to have the Earth. We must have it, otherwise our life will be no more. So we must resist what they do.

They want to break our spirit. They will do everything and anything to break our spirit, our will to live. We must learn to resist, we must learn to see, we must learn to look.

We must learn to step out of this reactionary-ism. All of our lives they’ve had control of us through their schools, their TV, their electronic media.

They’ve had control of us all of our lives. They have programmed us, they have made us become reactionary. We don’t think, we react to what they do.

To everything that they do- we react to it. They’re setting us up in the 80’s because they know consistently throughout the past the people have always reacted to their manipulations of circumstance.

They know that the people always react. They’re counting on it..

See, and they outnumber us with guns, They outnumber us with money. They outnumber us with votes.

They control all the machines that count the votes. They’ve got it all stacked in their favor. Except there’s a key. The key is we must start thinking, and stop reacting.

The oppressor has no thinkers, they have no philosophers, it’s all scientific, it’s all economic, it’s all manipulative. They have no thinkers.

You go look and you deal with the enemy and what the enemy does is: the enemy will send somebody out on the street to hit you in the head and the guy says “I’m only taking my orders.”

And if you can come from a position of strength to this guy whose hitting you in the head and say “Hey, you’ve got to stop hitting me in the head, we want to talk.”

Then he says “Well I have to go to my superior to see.” They have no thinkers, either.

If we will start to think we will learn to see, to see what reality really is, and we will outnumber them through the thinking process.

We will take our minds away from them. Because through their manipulation of our minds they control our spirit, and they know this is true.

They tell us, see, they want us to believe that we are powerless. They want us to believe that we are becoming overwhelmed, that they can overwhelm us.

You see, but they are paranoid. They are more paranoid than any of us are, no matter what happens to us. You see, because they have to put people in here to come and listen to what we’re saying, so they can go back and tell.

See, so they’re afraid! They’re afraid because they know we’re talking about reality! Now why are they afraid?

They are afraid because they know they are dealing with the illusions of power which are based on the realities of violence and brutality.

They’re afraid! See, they don’t want people to think, they don’t want people to be talking, and they don’t want people to think about what they talk about.

Because they know. They’ve known it all along, that they built their whole THING on illusions.

And because they have drawn us in to giving this illusionary world all this power, they have taken our power away from us. Because we believe in the illusions.

John Trudell (February 15, 1946 – December 8, 2015) was a Native American author, poet, actor, musician, and political activist. He was the spokesperson for the United Indians of All Tribes’ takeover of Alcatraz beginning in 1969. During most of the 1970s, he served as the chairman of the American Indian Movement, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

#InvasionDay: I am who I say I am

I am not affiliated with any political, religious or business groups. I am a full-time carer.

I am who I say I am.

This my a statement on #InvasionDay2018.

I know that people have questions about an ‘event’ some of my network organised before Xmas through my Occupied Australia Facebook event page called ‘Shrewd Melbourne Men.’

Some of these men are the public faces of an online campaign #CoolMenDontBuySex, including myself.

Our critique critique of the damages of Victoria’s law on the boundaries of women and girls is online and available. Follow our story.

We are the men’s public face of a consciousness raising event called #CoolMenDontBuySex, because no one else is, at the moment.

What I would ask ANYONE in #OccupiedAustralia to do is to look beyond their personal circumstances, to the bigger message of dismantling ALL systems of patriarchy. That means dismantling all the socially constructed industries of patriarchy including what Occupied Victoria currently calls ‘Sex-Work.’

I advocate for #NordicModelNow because what no one realises about the mechanics of this model, is that the Model itself IS designed to dismantle the sex-work ‘industry.’

It does this by creating legal classifications for the propagators of this industry (call them pimps and johns) whilst removing the criminalisation for the person involved in the selling their ‘resource’ of their sexual boundaries.

The Nordic Model is not the solution. The solution is to abolish the act of prostituting a human completely. The best we can do in the legal context, at this point, is PROTECT those enmeshed in it, and attack those engaged in the growing the sex-industry. This industry is owned by corporations. I’m pretty sure we all know that corporations have more rights than people.

In short, if people still find themselves wanting to do ‘sex-work’ they still can, not much will change for them. They could only be prosecuted if they are ‘pimping’ other people, or if they are the ‘john.’

The actual person being used, faces no criminal charge, at all under the Nordic Model. Under this model, if they were caught, their ‘punishment’ would be being connected to people who have exited the ‘industry’ to provide them with real exit support. An obvious example is access to government benefits to support anyone choosing to access them. None of this currently exists, despite what ‘the Scarlett Alliance’ says. They are shills, nothing more. If the ‘industry’ really cared about minimising harm, why is there no one advocating for access to these services? Because there is no such program being managed, because it’s all bullshit. It’s an unregulated, corporate controlled industry, that extracts resources for consumers. It’s horrifying, but it’s the truth.

I don’t need you to agree, only to understand what the model is REALLY about. Too many people get distracted by ‘you can’t trust so and so..’ and I’m no different.

What I can say is that I used the sex-industry, both legally and illegally, here in Victoria as a consumer from 1994 until January of last year and I have commenced writing on this. My ex-wife worked in that industry from 2006 (maybe still does) and I saw, from the inside, what happens to a woman in that industry, in Melbourne from the position of a partner (albeit one who was engaged in toxic masculine behaviour at the time).

My own behaviour during my all past relationships has been effected by my using the legal model of the sex-industry in Melbourne. I have commenced work around telling the true story of the sex-industry in Victoria. You don’t have to believe it all at once, because it’s a 46 year old story that I only began to comprehend 12 months ago.

It’s a story that I’ll tell for the rest of my life. It’s a story that links the atrocities of the missing and murdered indigenous women #MMIW globally with what is occurring at this very moment in Occupied Australia.

I can’t change the story of who I was and what happened. I can change what I choose to believe, and act on that.

#CoolMenDontBuySex is a part of that story, as is #NordicModelNow, as is #SovereigntyNeverCeded as is #OccupiedAustralia as is #UnlearningMasculinity as is (there are infinite hashtags).

There is no protection from anyone, except from those who ‘employ’ you, and that support is exactly nothing. It damaged her, it damaged me, and it continues to damage the women and girls (especially Aboriginal women and girls) by preying on their sexual boundaries. Sex-trafficking of Indigenous women and girls is a First Nations priority, therefore it’s a priority for me. A quick search on the ‘escort’ section of ‘backpage dot com’ should show you how big this ‘invisible’ problem is. There a numerous women of colour ‘advertising ‘ on backpage, there are also numerous violations of existing laws that no-one is held truly accountable to (eg. Each ad should have a SWA next to the ad).

For example: in 2013, a magistrate in Occupied Victoria fined 5 stakeholders in brothels a total of $50,000 dollars. Their crime? Multiple counts of sex-trafficking of a 16 year old girl. The magistrate could have given up to 10 years each, but gave out a $10k fine to the 5 adults involved (4 men, 1 woman, all ‘citizens’). This is the ONLY case I can find of a ‘successful’ prosecution. How much of that $50k did the victim get? I think you know the answer. All 5 remain as pimps to this day. Money isn’t even the issue. Pimping is.

I won’t tolerate calls of SWERF and TERF because it just isn’t true. Part of my work is with people trying to exit this industry, and they have told me that this Model is better. It’s not a fix, but it helps mitigate the violence against the people who in the position of selling themselves.

I mention this because although our social groups might think we see things differently, I’m actually working from a place of subjectivity. It would be helpful if people didn’t put their personal agendas ahead of the work by throwing around slurs. Young minds latch onto slurs and it gets in the way of true learning. I’m not personally worried about the slur. I’m worried that the slurs blur the true message.

But you’re not responsible for any of this. I just think it helps to know who you are dealing with. And I am an ex-john, an ex-pimp. I know that this model would have a least made me stop and think twice, before I chose to start purchasing people for my own sexual-gratification.

This is part of what got me to see that liberation from the material conditions, is what the people, animals and plants aboriginal to #OccupiedAustralia are asking for.

Not equality so that ‘things get better for settlers while the settlers chase equality for all’

LIBERATION from the material conditions of settlerism, in ALL its systems.

Pass laws that dismantle, that’s what LORE says to me, primitive as my understanding is.

Consider this part of my self-determination. The work I do will speak to the words written here

Most of these words came directly from an conversation with someone who identifies as an ‘Ally’ when they requested to join an online discussion group. I found that this discussion helped me form the start of what will become a story, a poem, a songline. Not like the songlines our predatory culture produces knows. Songs without words, songs older than time.

What does #SovereigntyNeverCeded mean in relation to the LANDBASE you currently OCCUPY?

I was born into the material condition of occupation.

I was identified by the occupying state as being ‘male.’ The fact they identified me at all shows me that there is a ‘classification’ system in place which I had no control over. It also, quite invisibly, classed me as ‘human’ by its own definition. Even though I had no control, I was identified and put into ‘the system.’ Because of who I am, I am given a class status that isn’t afforded all beings in this place.

By whom? The occupying state, that’s who.

But what good is understanding this if I don’t use it? And how do I use it?

The answer is, you use it to self-determine your actions.

So, to continue, my analysis, my self-determined analysis, on my mothers side, we ‘settled’ and began illegally occupying land in the 1950’s in Yallourn, Victoria. I have much more to learn about what happened here.

On my fathers side, my matrilineal identification takes my family back to a mission at a little place called Framlingham. Heard of that?

If you haven’t, let me explain this to you: my people established the mission at Framlingham. This is what I have learned, through speaking, with my people. If you want to name it, my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother was Euphemia McLeod (married to Duncan McQuarrie).

This leads me to the story of Hissing Swan. And here’s where I’m at, fellow settlers.

My ‘people’ invaded these lands, from ‘Scotland’ in the 1830’s. They built a mission on the lands that belonged to the Hissing Swan. And no one from my family has any evidence that anyone asked the Hissing Swan whether they had the right to begin ‘using’ the ‘land’ for ‘civilised’ use.

This is what I have been able to learn in 6 months. My family ‘settled’ in western Victoria in the early 1800’s by establishing a ‘mission.’ This ‘mission’ in real terms, was a concentration camp, a prison. My family, my direct blood line, was directly involved in the ACTUAL invasion of Hissing Swan land, and the resource extraction of the people, animal and plants on these lands.

The story is that Hissing Swan died on Framlingham Mission. He also was known as King David at the time his life ended, and to speak for the people animals and plants from Portland, to the Barwon River, to the great dividing range.

My family brought settlerism to Hissing Swan land, and began settling/occupying through the ‘civilised’ way of living they knew.

That’s exactly what you and I are doing, right now, this second, as you read what I have written for you btw.

So, in relation to my landbase, my family’s claims to ‘settle’ was NEVER negotiated. Hissing Swan made it very clear, by taking the name KING David, that Hissing Swan decided Sovereignty (how else could someone who doesn’t speak English communicate this concept, if the defining ‘document’ places the ultimate human authority in the name of a King called David?). There is no record of the Hissing Swan other than this. That means, my family ERASED this.

See where I’m at, ‘Australians?’ My family provided the MATERIAL CONDITIONS for occupation to begin, in ‘Western Victoria’ from the 1830’s.

Read that again.

Now the bigger question is. What am I doing about it?

This is why I want to know your intentions ‘allies.’

Because you keep appearing in my world through a combination of your choices and mine. I want to know why. Are you REALLY about LIBERATION from the material conditions of OCCUPATION ‘Allies?’

That’s why I want YOUR answers, YOUR critiques in relation to the LANDBASE that has supported your existence.

My journey, my story, my family’s songline brought me here. My journey is to determine my family’s songline. Through revealing (determining) my family’s songline, I am revealing how we ALL ended up here, as occupying ‘settlers’ still to this day, running around with their personal agendas, trying to work out who is the better ally.

I give exactly zero fucks about ID politics as it’s being played by settlers. What I want to know is what does sovereignty never ceded mean to you, in relation to the LANDBASE you currently occupy.

I am Alex James. I pay respect to Hissing Swan and bring you greetings from the Buandig/Jardwadjali/Djab wurrung people. I currently occupy wati-wati land and have permission to leave my footprints in what is known as Wurundjeri, where I was brought into these lands, by the Mother Earth. I acknowledge the Hissing Swan, Gunditmara Dhauwurd wurrung people never ceded sovereignty to my people, and seek reparations with the Hissing Swan. I acknowledge that my family brought predator to these lands.

That’s a small part of my self-determined identity ‘Allies’, in relation to the landbase I OCCUPY.

Think more broadly than the little piece of ‘property’ you are squatting in (I actually believe squatting as a political action has value btw, but it’s not enough). I see you do good work with the marginalised people in this occupation, but I also see the people you are helping get very caught up in their own shit because they don’t understand LIBERATION.

So, ‘Allies,’ are you REALLY about Aboriginal LIBERATION (freedom to exist as a being in-place), or are you still playing the game of settlerism (equality for humans), where we pretend we are doing something, but at the beginning of every day we start killing as soon as we flick on the electricity?

I am who I say I am, because my grandmother told me.

Now, are you going to help me with my story being told, or stop me. Actions in the real world show your true intentions. Ask my family. Ask my friends.

Join me in creating a culture of resistance. Acknowledge the invasion. It HAPPENED






Claim 1: Porn Fuels Rape

I’m no writer. I’m a bloke. An Aussie bloke. I learned how to become a monster. Porn taught me. A 45 yo walking talking dead-eyed monster. I’m unlearning this and you need to as well, for everyone’s sake. I got most of my access to porn via the internet, but not all.

What started when I was 11 with a book that I think was called ‘Alvin Purple’ turned into an actual living nightmare, where everything becomes a sexual commodity for purchase.

Now, I see that everyone in this culture is effected (infected) by porn.

I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to explain the reality of porn to other men, because that’s what I’ve been asked to do by women, by the Mother Earth, and by the woman I place at the centre of this all.














Hashtags are points on a map that you must find, if you must use the internet. The hashtags listed at the beginning of this piece of my subjective experience today, are in the same order that I present the information.

Clicking on hashtags in social media drives the information you receive. If you have diverted from reading this, it’s probably because you clicked a hashtag.

All information I present in this piece of work was completed in the lands of the Wurundjeri, Melbourne, #OccupiedAustralia.

I have no political, financial or religious affiliations. I seek nothing in return for my work. I speak for myself, and I am who I say I am.

This is my first response to a set of 11 claims I made in a ‘Pericope’ Video 1 Jan 18 relating to #PeakPorn

On the #CoolMenDontBuySex campaign:

I can’t and won’t respond to every individual genuine question or every troll online.

If I respond with #APimpSaysWhat, it’s YOUR responsibility to determine what that means. Similarly with #StayInYourLane and #FuckOffPimp, it means YOU are not in the same PLACE as me.

What I will do is respond through social media. This isn’t all I do. This is some of it. The real work i do is what I practice offline. Choose to follow my work, or don’t.

It is 14 January 2018 in the land of the Wurundjeri. Melbourne is a huge city. It was around 1.5 million when I was born. Today it’s estimated at 4.8 million.


I make this claim using these definitions:

1. Pornography is a sex-industry product delivered to a consumer. These days it’s almost exclusively on the internet. The product is the image of sexual-violence.

2. I use the #NordicModelNow definition of ‘prostituted person’ as opposed to ‘a prostitute’ or a ‘sex-worker’ which is how Victoria currently defines it.

“NorMAC supports the Swedish model which due to its increasing uptake in many jurisdictions has more recently been dubbed the ‘Nordic Model’ or ‘Asymmetric Decriminalisation’. Increasing international evidence acknowledges this legislative response as the best human rights based approach to stop human trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery.

The effect of this legislation is four-fold;

– Decriminalising prostituted persons through abolition of solicitation offences.

– Ensures protection and support to all victims of trafficking for the purposes of sexual


– Creates access to exit pathways out of prostitution.

– Discourages men (the primary client base for people in prostitution) from purchasing sex thereby making the sex trade less viable for third party exploiters which includes traffickers, pimps, brothel owners/managers.

3. Pimps are ‘traffickers, brothel owners/managers.’

4. Johns are the people paying a prostituted-person for the act of ‘sex’

5. Masculinity means to cross female boundaries with force, and is taught. It’s an act.

The culture you are exposed to will teach you masculinity.

In fact to #UnlearnMasculinity is another way to fight pornography. This is why I have been asked to speak to other men.

6. Rape is the forced penetration of a female-human’s physical sexual boundary, by a male. That’s it. Don’t bring your consent argument here. This is about males acting out masculinity, not choice.

7. Fuels means ‘provides the material’ conditions for. The material conditions are the bodies and minds of the people in Melbourne. Porn is the ‘theory’ for ‘how to rape,’ Melbourne’s #pornified culture is the fuel that allows is to occur.

I choose these definitions because I can see how it could make a difference right now, and how it could have made a difference, since 1994. Why 94? Why that’s when a piece of legislation was passed here in Victoria called the Sex Work Act was first passed.

That was the year I first purchased sex. In a legal brothel, in an industrial estate, in the north-west of Melbourne.

I had been at the old Crown Casino with my best friend drinking for 48 hours straight. My memory is that he was there with me to cheer me up. My partner (I would have called her my girlfriend before #PeakPorn) had ended our relationship. I drove home from that binge with almost $2k AUD in my pocket. I reached home with less than $1k and very foggy memory of what happened.

From that point in 94, I purchased sex often. In the beginning I only went to ‘legal’ places to purchase sex, never telling a soul.

Pornography online began to become available, and I used it, silently, and often. Pornography in 94 ain’t the same as pornography now (I address this in a later claim). It was sexist, hardcore and obscene back then.

Fast forward to 2018 and what a different place Melbourne is. I have lived here since 94 except for the 5 years I lived in the Whitsundays (2001-2005 hiding in my masculinity-fuelled drug addiction), preying on the sexual boundaries of any woman under the haze of whatever drug was going (mostly alcohol, and amphetimes).

I purchased sex every year during my time in Melbourne. It got more and more frequent, as did my porn usage and drug usage. I heard from mates about ‘illegal brothels’ and began to access these, beginning in the Western suburbs and spreading to every part of Melbourne. These were in-house, and the women spoke very little English. These are the unregulated brothels. I remember always feeling great shame leaving these places, yet always returned.

My drug use spiralled as did my purchase of prostituted people. When I lost my license in 2008 for drink driving, I lied to everyone. This is what I now know to be the one of the signs of a ‘john,’ a user of prostituted people.

I was married in 2009. My ex-wife had become enmeshed in Melbourne’s sex industry as an ‘Exotic Dancer’ in 2006. I saw first hand, how she was used. Used by the ‘industry’ and as I know understand, used by me. By lying to her, and everyone around her, about my real behaviour, I helped engage her in sex-slavery. I stole from her to feed my drug-habits, in effect keeping her financially pressured to ‘work.’ This is what I would now define as one my ‘pimp’ behaviours. She was assaulted multiple times whilst ‘working’ and not once did her claims get taken seriously by her ’employers’ or more disturbingly, by the police. And it happened to every woman she worked with (on my honeymoon we spent time with one of her Co-‘workers’ who had been picked up and THROWN down a flight of stairs. This is but one example of how NORMALISATION of violence in porn actualises).

I ended up in a drug rehab in 2012, where for the first time in my life I saw that I was an addict. I embraced recovery and got 3 years ‘sobriety’ thanks largely to the support of my family and the Melbourne NA community. But all the time while I was ‘recovering’ from addiction, I was finding ways to act out porn in real life. I found ways to have ‘casual, hook-up, no hassles’ type ‘sex’ that’s on offer through ‘Adult Dating Websites’ and any other way I could.

Without drugs, I suddenly had money. And I put that money into buying-sex, because I believed it was ok if I paid for it.

I unearthed layer after layer of addiction and when I got to porn, I sought the help of SLAA. I attended 2 meetings.

After the second SLAA meeting, which was in St Kilda, I purchased sex. It was this combination of being immersed within the red-light district, with my untreated porn-grooming, plus some other environmental factors, which lead me to drug-relapse on amphetimines in 2015. And again, I told no-one.

I was just too ashamed of what I’d become. I sought help where I could as I understood it at the time, but no one who treated me got to the root.

The final phase of my #PornSick experience was a nightmare. I got my first smartphone in 2014, and by the time I had drug-relapsed in 2015 I had discovered Locanto, Backpage.com, skout and many more. This where i accessed ‘escorts.’ These 3 sites are the 2018 version of the ‘Classified’ section that used to be in newspapers and magazines. But the reality is that this is where a lot of what I’ve described above is ‘advertised.’

Right now, there are women and girls, here in Melbourne that are held captive a sex-slaves. They are advertised and sold on websites and apps. Some are trafficked from overseas, and some (especially vulnerable women and girls with drug-addiction) are trafficked ‘invisibly’ from within our own claimed borders of #OccupiedAustralia.

They are held captive in a number of ways. The ‘promise of a better life’ is how visa-entrapment brings some to the ‘industry’ of sex in Melbourne, drug-entrapment brings the rest. That’s what I’ve experienced. The people actually being sold are for the most part, enslaved by their circumstances. I spent time with many women taking drugs as PART of the experience. This exchange often involved transporting these women to some of their ‘jobs’ in return for drugs/services. This is also what would be termed a pimp act under the Nordic Model. It’s even got a nickname that might resonate with some: Puff n play. PnP. Go to backpage, Locanto or skout if you don’t believe me. My own history is probably still there for those who want to search hard enough. Go for it. I encourage it if you seek to verify my claims. I didn’t do what I did then, just so I could write this now. That’s for you to determine. I didn’t create the terms. Porn culture did. And it will just keep getting worse. These are the women and girls who need to be supported as we all untangle this huge mess. That’s what the Nordic Model offers. Protect and support those still enmeshed, whilst criminalising the pimps and johns. That’s the impact the Nordic Model offers, that’s the impact the Nordic Model is having wherever it’s been implemented. You will see plenty of disagreement on this and it ALWAYS comes from someone who claims to ‘work’ in this area, or from men who think they have a right to purchase sex, or from online trolls who think think trolling is funny, or from shills who will throw around slurs like ‘slut-shaming’ or ‘whore-phobic’ (honestly, who calls the people they advocate for ‘sluts’ or ‘whores’ anyway? That should tell you a lot about who these ‘advocates’ really are). There are missing and murdered women #MMIW because of sex-trafficking. The drug-connection is widely known to have been infected upon the indigenous in #OccupiedAustralia. It’s happens overseas, it happens right here in Melbourne. The Nordic Model fights this.

NorMAC cites 300 illegal brothels in Melbourne in a 2014 parliamentary submission. I estimated 500 when I was asked.

I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes. People think it’s an isolated problem. It’s not. I speak from the place of an ex-john.

You don’t have to follow my ways, just listen to my story, as it unfolds over time.

If you have personal claims to make against me, I understand that I am not exempt from criticism. Please make your claims in the safest matter you can within the current framework, wherever you are. I was a monster to some. To some I still will be.

What I know, is that every day I put the woman I love most at the centre of my experience, and #CoolMenDontBuySex is a natural extension of my work in this place.

There is so much more work for me to do and much harm done by myself. If you take nothing from what I’ve written to far, know this: I’m not the exception. I was exposed to porn at 11 years of age and became more and more #PornSick.

If you knew me at any point from 1982 until January 2017, I have lied to you. I lied because I didn’t know how to be brutally and unflinchingly honest. I lied because there is no currently NO support for being #PornSick despite mounting evidence that porn is the number 1 Public Health Crisis

To begin healing, I had to decide to recover, a lesson I learned well from drug-recovery. To do that, I had to place a woman at the centre, and start listening.

Derrick Jensen writes “A Canadian lumberman once said: “When I look at trees I see dollar bills.” If when you look at trees you see dollar bills you will act a certain way. If when you look at trees you see trees you will act a different way. If when you look at this tree right here you see this tree right here, you will act differently still. If when you look at women you see orifices you will act a certain way. If when you look at women you see women you will act a different way. If when you look at this woman right here you see this woman right here, you will act differently still.” That’s the crux of the #PornFuelsRape claim. Because I came to view all women and girls as objects for purchase, I normalised a pattern of thinking that’s not normal. And I see the same pattern in EVERY other man I know. I see how men hide their use of porn. I see how men lie about their drug use. I see how men lie about using prostituted women. I see how we lie to each other about ‘sex-work.’ I see women and girls so TERRIFIED to even just move around in Melbourne, that male-violence is BARELY mentioned. This is the fuel. Melbourne is a tinder-box of male-supremacy combined with free-market capitalism, the most liveable city in the world. Really? That’s not what the women I speak with tell me. That’s not what I observe online, where women and girls are groomed by men.

And before dismissing this understand this:

I ‘used’ sex as it was TAUGHT to me, by porn. I also worked for the Federal Government for 8 years in a department where I SAW the visa paperwork being lodged. I didn’t make the links at the time that I am making now. To those men whom I met, particularly those from 1989-2016, #ICU. I know who you are. Since I began my work in 2017 I have become an ever increasing target of some of my previous male associations. You will not stop me. Stand in my way, and I will expose my past with you, in all its toxicity. There are some men in Melbourne’s ‘Queer’ community that need to have a good hard look at themselves. I saw you in real life, i saw you in your online ‘Support’ groups, pretending to be allies to women in one place, and I saw you acting toxic masculinity out in the world of the sex-industry. I see you, and your fake profiles with sparkles and unicorns and cute ‘little girl’ pictures. I see you all in your fake masculine performances. My past male friends and family, #ICU with your porn addictions, pretending to play ‘happy-capitalist’ whilst the sexual boundaries of women and girls are preyed upon in these lands. You need help.

#CoolMenDontBuySex means I am not afraid of you. Stand with me or stand out of the way while I do my work with men. Learn who I am.

Listen to my story, then ask the men in your life to read it.

There is a way out and it will save you and the women and girls you love.

By extension, every man and boy will begin the journey into true humanity. I’m an ex-pimp. I’m an ex-john. I’m a survivor. I’m an adult human male on a journey of recovery. Join me

January 26

So here is what #InvasionDay2018 means to this revolting settler. I have based this response on the lyrics to A.B Original’s ‘January 26th’ comprised of Indigenous artists Briggs and Trials. I did this because I believe to do what’s needed, you have so start by listening to the messages from those who DO belong to these lands.

I started a completely different piece to this. That has changed into a much, much bigger piece of work which I will publish when completed also.

Words are weapons, start weaponising YOUR privilege.

Sing along, then do your own version:


“You can call it what you want”

..and the Occupying culture did exactly that from the point of invasion in the ‘year 1788’ eg. Terra nulius, New Holland, the colonies, Australia. You know what the people, plants and animals used to call these lands? Ours

“But it just don’t mean a thing”

Meaning is not given, just because the ‘claims’ are written. Meaning is self-determined

“No, it just don’t mean a thing”

Changing the meanings of words doesn’t change whether something actually exists as it is

“Fuck that, homie”

#SovereigntyNeverCeded sorry pal

“You can come and wave your flag”

Flags, and dogmatic allegiance to them, are them markers of settlerism. Every continent has been colonised in the name of a flag. We know whose flag ‘Australia’ was claimed in, don’t we.

“But it don’t mean a thing to me”

The people animals and plants of these lands never had flags. Why? Because the people, animal and plants indigenous to these lands know where they are from. They are connect by place, not by using domination to torture, capture, commodify and sell for some imagined central power

“No, it just don’t mean a thing”

It never did, it never will because it always was, always will be Aboriginal land

“Fuck that, homie”

#SovereigntyNeverCeded sorry pal

[Verse 1: Briggs]

“They said, “Hey, Briggs, pick a date” (okay)”

Hey Briggs, you seem popular. Can you explain this ‘date’ thing to us. Briggs agrees

“You know, one we can celebrate” (for sure)

The occupying culture lives to celebrate exploitation. Make sure the date is one that allows for celebration of the indigenous culture being erased for settler enjoyment. Briggs agrees

“Where we can come together (yeah)

We want to gather in some non-existent ‘freezepeach’ zone and use our language to discuss how to ‘close the gap’ Briggs acknowledges that this is what the settler agenda is.

Talk about the weather, call that Australia Day”

We tokenise everything as part of our occupation, even vital, deeply connected natural systems. Australia Day has been associated with the great Aussie BBQ and we think political discourse is whether Sam Keckovich has pissed off someone

I said, “How about March 8th?” (that’s a good one)

To answer this one I will provide a link. A link to an obituary notice that I believe my family and Briggs family share a connection in time and place through. I do this because I know that there is cultural significance to the end of life and I possess no elder knowledge on the right way to do this through this medium.


“And we can do it on your Nan’s grave (got that, bitch?)”

Occupying cultures desecrate sacred country, sacred land, sacred place. It deliberately chooses the most significant places for its own obelisks, erasing the indigenous history. Settlers are indoctrinated into patriarchy, so use violent misogyny to enslave their own people and to make sure the indigenous really know what we think of them

We can piss up, piss on her face

Alcohol is the oldest and most powerful drug used by settlers. We use it regularly to dissociate from the reality that our occupying existence literally and actually excretes its toxins on the lands, where the elders past and present have always existed

Get lit up and burn out like Mark Skaife

Keeping populations cognitively dissonant requires powerful systems of control. Hyper-commercialised ‘sports’ vomit up hyper-masculine ‘icons’ that settler-men believe they are destined to become. Settler men perform masculinity to propagate the myth that we can continue to party in paradise, science or god will save us. That’s you lefties and righties who think a political solution exists.

They screaming, “love it or leave it” (love it!)

Settlerism relies on the absolute dogma of civilisation. It sees itself as the dominant, more evolved, supremely evolved entity on the whole planet. It even believes that if the beings who have always belonged to these lands don’t like it, that they can actually leave. Tell that to the wombats.

I got more reason to be here, if you could believe it

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land. You would know this if you knew what this meant

Won’t salute a constitution or who’s underneath it

The ‘Constitution’ was NEVER, at any point, negotiated with the people who belong to these lands. Saluting is a sign of masculinity violation imperative. Those who use it, rule. Those who don’t, serve. This is the system of male-supremacy that I call patriarchy. I have never in my life seen an indigenous being salute.

Turn that flag to a noose, put a cease to your breathing

There is no such thing as ‘Closing the gap.’ There is no ‘gap’ between ‘Occupied Australia ‘ and the people, plants and animals indigenous to the lands. The ‘Gap’ is actually the entire dominant ‘Settled’ culture sitting on TOP of the indigenous, squashing, squeezing it from existence, while we as settlers, sit around in our ‘civilised’ lives of dissonance, arguing about how to close something that doesn’t exist as a binary. Patriarchy must cease breathing, that means men must unlearn masculinity completely, and learn to breathe reality

I can’t get in my whip, I get a ticket for that

Aboriginal incarceration rates are the highest in the world. Aboriginal people are being forced from their lands, then having the ‘rules’ of our settler culture determine they be locked up. This is neo-colonialism in action. The evidence of this is everywhere. Julieka Dhu, Tane Chatfield were both tortured and killed by our Occupying state and none of us can stop it. Clinton prior walked across the entire nation to ask our ‘leaders’ about this as the ultimate form of spirit. He walked, he listened, he experienced. Dylan voller has begun a similar journey. The patriarchs will not listen. They can’t.

I get a DWB, and that’s a ‘Driving Whilst Black’

To maintain the myth of its own supremacy, Occupied Australia creates ‘laws’ as ‘reasons’ to dominate indigenous cultures. It has happened in every municipality, region, state and territory that ‘Australia’ CLAIMS to occupy. It is written so deeply that every ‘Australian Citizen’ actually believes they can OWN the land.

I turn the other cheek, I get a knife in my back

Occupied Australia indoctrinates all its creations into the myth that ‘it must be ‘prooved’ to be true, and just as arrogantly ‘if I have prooved something, it’s likely to be true most of the time.’ This assumes that if you dominate something and notice a result, that this is an important result. It’s not. It’s a simulation of domination. Even if you you don’t understand this power dynamic, the indigenous culture, its people, plants and animals still get the knife in the back. Also, this points out that passive resistance cannot defeat domination. Ask any person of Indian (the nation state) background if this is true

And I tell ’em it hurts, they say I overreact

Settlerism relies on its settled population not truly understanding what their Occupying way of life costs, in reality. This is because the systems holding the Occupation in place will seek to either silence any revolutionary opposition (using political identity) to act politically against an individual, to ‘normalise’ ie (assimilate/queer the boundaries) or blur the true action, or by using outright ‘invisible’ violence (using the systems of patriarchy to enact actual physical destruction). It’s not invisible at all. Ask the family of every indigenous person ever to die whist incarcerated by the occupying culture how invisible it is.

‘So fuck that! (fuck that!)’

#SovereigntyNeverCeded #NoConsent

Already, this piece which started as an idea that I believed I could complete relatively quickly has gotten much bigger. I am posting this piece as it is now.

This is because everything I am describing here is happening right now for me, literally and in reality. There is much work for me to do.

This requires a language older than time (thank you for this understanding Derrick Jensen).

To be continued, I hope not only by me.

#InvasionDay2018 #OccupiedAustralia #Settlerism #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Resistance

How to civilise wombats

Why won’t wombats just settle down?

Wombats are such simple creatures,

Fat, funny, furry and so cute,

Why these friendly fellows,

Would be such a perfect gift,

To anyone lucky enough,

I give you this fluffy baby:

Wombats sleep all day, such lazy things,

Lying around in underground caves,

Only surfacing to steal water and food,

Wombats won’t speak English, they’re too lazy to learn it properly.

They continue to speak to each other in their primitive language,

Despite millions wasted on their welfare in sanctuaries,

Wombats won’t contribute, it’s in their nature,

We have tried to put wombats in schools,

But they can’t learn, such is their primitiveness.

Wombats are dangerous, especially the young males,

How many of our poor farmers have had their machinery damaged,

By the careless tunnel digging,

Of these mindless creatures?

And the young male wombats are dangerous,

They turn into destructive forces that endanger the lives of humans with their careless attitudes to everything:

Wombats don’t care at all for others,

Their selfishness stops them,

They won’t help themselves even though we keep trying to save them.

Wombats are often in the way,

Of cars speeding down our highways,

Despite spending millions on ‘Wombat crossings’

These furry fools insist on crossing,

Wherever they damn well want.

Wombats were once in plague proportions,

Millions of these destructive pests,

Roaming these vast vacant lands,

Digging their stupid holes,

Diverting the water from our dams.

Wombats are bludgers, they never give back,

We give them everything they need to stop digging holes that divert our water,

But they just keep going back to digging those holes,

No matter what we do.

Wombats want to die obviously,

They refuse to eat our food or drink our water,

Choosing instead to steal their own,

Often trespassing on farmers land.

Wombats need detaining, they cannot be controlled

Juvenile wombat detention centres

Must be set up immediately,

To protect these troubled teen wombats from themselves.

Merry fucking Xmas, from the wombats who are native to these lands which are illegally occupied by the Occupying State of Australia

Transgressing Reality

Link to article

Posted from the lands of the Wurundjeri

Welcome to occupied Victoria, where when confronted with the overwhelming oppression & destruction perpetuated by the occupying culture, we Victorians hide in our fantasy worlds, where all conflict is resolved and there are no distinctions made between oppressor and oppressed.

‘Gender’ is a social construction, a system designed by the State to keep men as oppressor and women oppressed.

‘Gender’ is masculinity (oppressor) or femininity (oppressed).

The only thing male about my ‘Gender’ is that I don’t get to choose how I am groomed by this culture. I am a male-sexed human, therefore I get given the masculinity box. Female-sexed humans get given the femininity box.

‘Gender’ has absolutely nothing to do with segregated bathrooms. Segregated bathrooms exist in Occupied Victoria to provide sex-based protection, not gender-based.

‘Allowing’ someone to change boxes might work for that individual, but at what cost?

Changing what’s in the ‘Gender’ boxes does nothing to address the problem of the boxes’ existence. It does remove any sex-based protections that currently exist.

‘Gender Identity Recognition’ is blurring the lines of oppressor and oppressed.

If you don’t understand this, then you are hiding in a fantasy.

And while you are fantasising, actual male violence continues to rape and kill women and girls in the real world.


#Gender #Profeminism #Radical #masculinity #patriarchy